"Publishing a fair bit of art over the years in printed publications I don't think I've come across anyone with more natural flair than Jane."

"Jane, I’ve been so happy with the commissions that you have done for
me, your talent has touched the hearts of the people who I gave these to as gifts..
My mum loved the one of all of us as children and it captured my brother so perfectly and all of us too..
The picture of my our springer spaniel for my husband, he adores it.
For my brother, his Labrador you captured her so perfectly and as she has now passed, he has a wonderful keepsake.
So I am now asking for a further doggy picture for my neighbour have PM’d you..
ps keep doing what your doing, you’re one talented lady. "

"Jane is an amazing artist!!! I especially adore the Bowie art!
Bowie was a big part of my younger years!

"Cannot thank you enough Jane for your excellent work with my baby pictures. You are one very talented lady"

"This was so amazing to have this done for my mum especially as my brother on the right has since passed away. Such a perfect likeness" 

" That's me my Mother and siblings. Chuffed to bits with it she was"

"Thanks so much for the sketch of Archie. It is absolutely amazing and I love it It’s such a great likeness to him You are very talented"